November 25, 2017

Space. The new economic frontier. CNES at the Asterès conference

Since the start of the 2000s, new players are investing in space. With the increasing crossovers between digital culture, applications and the space industry driving the NewSpace movement, those with a stake in developing space turned their attention to the challenges of the moment at the conference on ‘Space, the new economic frontier’, moderated by Nicolas Bouzou and Pierre Bentata.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall underlined the success of the French and European space sector, to which CNES is contributing through its efforts to sustain one of Europe’s main success stories. With the launch of new Galileo satellites just days away, CNES is at the centre of current geopolitical topics and will be at the upcoming One Planet Summit in Paris on 12 December. Fostering synergies between space technologies through a coordinated effort to curb climate change is one of the agency’s priorities.

While speakers at the conference made calls to support research, an ambitious investment policy and the creation of platforms in France and Europe to keep pace with new developments in artificial intelligence, CNES’s main areas of focus—Ariane, science, Earth observation, telecommunications and defence—were underlined. Innovation, climate and exploration, three other areas where CNES is a prime mover, were also highlighted. CNES’s President gave a clear exposition of how space is evolving by nurturing an ecosystem of start-ups, entrepreneurs and industry leaders around the agency.

During an afternoon of lively debate that touched on the sensational announcements of U.S. NewSpace billionaires, the ingenuity of Silicon Valley, French excellence and long-term projects in Europe, a consensus formed that space is taking on increasing importance as the new economic frontier.

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