September 28, 2016

‘Space to Space’ CNES and YouTube Space Paris team up to spur creation of space videos

For ESA’s upcoming Proxima mission, CNES and YouTube Space Paris have teamed up to provide YouTube creators a unique package of resources, with a space set at YouTube Space in Paris and a day of filming opportunities at exceptional space exploration facilities in France. Creators will then be invited to enter their space videos in a competition organized by CNES and the winners will be given the chance to experience the sensation of weightlessness on a parabolic flight. The winners will be announced by ESA’s French astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the ISS next spring.

1- An immersive space environment at YouTube Space
In the heart of Paris, YouTube Space has built a space set complete with a mock-up space shuttle and control room. CNES and its partners1 will also provide creators with real spacesuits and clothing as used by astronauts. The set will be available for three months, from 13 September to 11 December, for all creators with more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

2- Authentic space facilities as a backdrop
In addition to this set, CNES is offering YouTube creators the chance to discover space facilities all over France. Usually closed to the public, these facilities will be opening their doors for a day to YouTube creators to allow them to film in an exceptional setting.
For example, they will be able to try out the centrifuge and medical facilities at the MEDES space clinic in Toulouse, see how scientists task the instruments on the Curiosity Mars rover and watch experiments being performed on the ISS from the CADMOS centre for the development of microgravity applications and space operations at CNES’s Toulouse Space Centre. And creators will also have the opportunity to experience simulated conditions in a special suit at Marseille-based firm Comex, on terra firma or underwater for holders of a diving certificate.
To gain access to these facilities, YouTube creators must send in their video project to CNES before 30 October. CNES and its partners will then select the best project for each facility.

3- Send in your video and try to win a flight in microgravity conditions
From 10 October, all YouTube creators can send in their space videos to take part in the competition organized by CNES. Two winners will get the unique opportunity to experience weightlessness and film on the Airbus A310 Zero-G that Novespace, CNES’s subsidiary, operates to perform science experiments.

1 The following CNES partners have agreed to open their doors for YouTube creators: MEDES (Toulouse), Novespace (Bordeaux), Comex (Marseille), ISU (Strasbourg), along with the FIMOC and CADMOS at CNES in Toulouse.

●    Register for Space to Space
●    Apply to film for a day at a space facility

CNES contacts
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Julien Watelet    Tel. +33 (0)1 44 76 78 37

YouTube Space contact
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