December 16, 2022

SpaceFounders accelerator invests in two of its start-ups

SpaceFounders has invested for the first time in two start-ups that have been nurtured and proven themselves through its first intensive support programme. As well as accelerating European space start-ups and identifying and lending its support to future champions with a view to increasing their impact on the space sector’s development, SpaceFounders also acquires shareholdings in some of them in pursuit of its ambition to become a foundational player of European New Space.

Share My Space is the first firm in which SpaceFounders has invested, formed in 2017 by Damien Giolito and Romain Lucken. The start-up has already raised more than €1 million in seed funding and is gearing up for a round of Series A funding in 2023 to boost its growth and become the European leader in space safety.

Share My Space offers a full and exclusive range of high-added-value products and services designed to enhance safety in space. The firm’s portfolio notably covers mapping of space debris that poses a potential threat to numerous satellites, using its patented observation technology. Share My Space aims to provide the largest catalogue of space objects to assist all stakeholders involved in managing space traffic.

Pangea Aerospace was formed in 2018 by six co-founders, among them CEO Adrià Argemi, COO Xavier Llairo and CFO Luis Bellafont. A round of Series A funding is underway and has been partly completed, after raising more than €6 million from previous rounds with investors such as E2MC, Primo Space, Inveready, Dozen and Innvierte, as well as SpaceFounders, which has also invested in this promising firm.

Pangea Aerospace develops rocket engines for small and medium-sized launchers. The firms is leading the way in aerospike technology, which delivers better propulsion performance while easing a launcher’s atmospheric re-entry for its future reuse. This technology is today achievable and profitable thanks to the firm’s metal additive manufacturing (AM) process and intellectual property, with which it has developed the world’s first liquid oxygen/methane aerospike engine. Besides its aerospike technology, Pangea Aerospace is also advocating an innovative and sustainable vision for propulsion—given that the engine is the most complex and expensive part of a launcher—with a business model based on a pay-for-flight offering and reusable launchers, as well as chemical thrusters for manoeuvring satellites and orbital transfer vehicles in space.

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