July 11, 2022

Vega-C maiden launch - New era beckons for European spaceflight

Wednesday 13 July, Vega-C, the successor to ESA’s Vega launcher, will lift off for the first time from the Guiana Space Centre (CSG), Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, to orbit LARES-2, a science payload built for the Italian space agency ASI by Italy’s national institute of nuclear physics (INFN), along with six research cubesats for Italy, Slovenia and France. The launch will be the third this year from the CSG and the 21st mission for the Vega series.

With a launch mass of 210 tonnes, Vega-C is an upgraded version of its predecessor with two new solid-rocket booster stages, a new fairing and an enhanced AVUM+ upper stage, all supported by a new ground infrastructure. It offers better performance and versatility, and more payload space to make it more competitive. Through its ability to return to Earth with Space Rider, the launcher also affords new mission possibilities heralding a new era in European spaceflight.

The satellites on this flight will be injected into two different orbits, thus helping to qualify the Vega-C launch system. This medium-range launcher will complement the larger Ariane launch system at Europe’s spaceport, enabling Europe to strengthen its independent space launch capability and tailor launch services to institutional, scientific and commercial space market needs.

Vega-C is an ESA programme in partnership with Avio, Italy, the launch vehicle and ground infrastructure prime contractor.

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