March 25, 2021


Tuesday 23 March, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and Patrice Caine, President of ANRT, the French research and technology association, signed a letter of intent under which ANRT will join the Moonshot Institute project led by CNES that seeks to spawn an entrepreneurial ecosystem around the lunar economy.

The Moonshot Institute aims to federate an ecosystem geared towards the lunar economy, to educate the next generations of entrepreneurs, to train future explorers and to inform the public about commercial initiatives and opportunities stemming from the Moon. With this in mind, CNES and ANRT will work together to:
-    Lead cross-sectoral thinking by public and private stakeholders on the lunar economy
-    Spark disruptive innovation for a lunar economy
-    Foster cross-sectoral convergence
-    Boost entrepreneurship for the lunar economy

It is envisioned that ANRT will be a key Moonshot Institute partner through its Objective Moon working group. ANRT will be involved in the ideation and innovation phases with its collective studies, knowledge sharing and formulation of advisories, as well as through its incubation and commercialization efforts based on its experience of 24-hour entrepreneurial challenges.

ANRT’s working groups regularly produce strategic briefing notes from their cross-sectoral work with public and private stakeholders in a wide range of fields. This year, the Objective Moon working group has set itself the goal of drafting a strategic briefing note by the spring, tapping into studies and projects carried out in 2019 and 2020. This will serve as a recommendation tool to voice ANRT members’ views. The Objective Moon working group is also launching an expert evaluation mission consisting of six thematic groups each with 10 mostly ANRT members plus members selected from outside the association to draft a strategic white paper. These efforts will be led mainly by private and public stakeholders outside the space community drawn from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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