July 6, 2018

The Spirit of Space CNES’s - 215 Managers meet in Toulouse to envision strategy for 2030

This year’s CNES Managers Seminar was held on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July in Toulouse, bringing together 215 participants from the agency’s four field centres in Paris, Toulouse and Kourou for two days of strategic thinking. The high point of the gathering, organized every two years, was a conference from Cédric Villani on artificial intelligence.

At the invitation of CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall, the agency’s managers took part in a series of workshops and panel discussions, notably to generate input for the working group set up at the start of the year by CNES Chief Operating Officer Lionel Suchet, focusing on the agency’s strategic vision for 2030. This group, which presented its findings to CNES’s Executive Board at the start of July, was thus able to note the managers’ insightful analyses and valuable viewpoints on a number of issues.

One of the workshops also looked at specific management issues, underlining the fast-shifting space context driven by increased international competition from NewSpace players. The agency’s managers were encouraged to find new ways of working in response to today’s changing world.

In this shifting context, Cédric Villani, a keen advocate for scientific mathematics, came to share his passion for science and new technologies with the agency’s managers. The great scientist, winner of the Fields Medal and Member of Parliament for l’Essonne, then gave a conference on this subject.

After the seminar, Jean-Yves Le Gall concluded: “This two-day CNES Managers Seminar proved stimulating and vital to share and enrich our vision of the future, as well as for defining our actions looking forward. Adapting to the challenges that face us, sharing a common vision and playing as a team will enable us to win in this new international space context. I am convinced that we will accomplish this goal as long as we keep the spirit of space in mind.”


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